My Trip to Camp Timber-lee

By Sophia Gottlick

The eight grade class of Keith Country Day School had an amazing time at Camp Timber-lee in East Troy, WI.  We spent two days there working on team-building exercises, having bonfires, learning survival skills, horse-back riding, practicing our archery skills, and maneuvering the high-ropes courses.  Before going onto the high-ropes, many of my classmates (including myself) were nervous, but after practicing, it came to be one of our favorite activities!

For our relatively small class of 25 students, it was also a great bonding experience. We learned things about each other that we never knew!  Each individual found an activity that he/she came to enjoy. Many tried things that they had never done and came to love them! Overall, my class’s experience at Camp Timber-lee was an unforgettable and fun experience.

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