My Trip to Springfield

Last month, the 5th-8th graders went on a special trip to Springfield during long fall weekend. Springfield is Illinois’ capital and is also the hometown of our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. We left at 4:00 in the morning and after a fun bus ride, we went to New Salem which is where Lincoln’s boyhood home was. Then we walked to the New State Capital, rode a bus to the Lincoln library, and rode the bus again to the Lincoln Museum before coming home at 10:00pm.

At New Salem we went to a bunch of historic homes and buildings and saw what it was like back in the 1800’s when Lincoln lived there. The New State Capital had a very interesting looking ceiling and lots of stairs. We also went inside the Illinois Supreme Court. The Lincoln library had many antiques like a map that was made before Texas was a state and a lot of items that belonged to the Lincoln family. The Lincoln Library also had a room where they had a ceremony for Lincoln’s death and made it look like his funeral was taking place there. My favorite place was the Lincoln Museum.

The Lincoln Museum had two movies. One was about Lincoln’s life through his eyes and it had motion chairs and cannons that came out of the walls. The other film had a lot of holographs and sometimes we could not tell if the actors were real people or holographs, it was really neat! I thought that everything was interesting, but my favorite places were the Lincoln Museum and the Lincoln Library. This is a great trip and I think every middle schooler should go next year.

Written by: Madi Reid, 6th grade.

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