Vietnam War Class Simulation

Today the 6th grade social studies class participated in a simulation of the “Ho Chi Minh Trail” and “Operation Rolling Thunder” as part of their studies of the Vietnam War. Room #311 was transformed into a twisting and turning maze of tunnels to simulate the underground tunnels. Students wore their backpacks filled with 10-15 pounds of textbooks to simulate the supplies that the Viet Cong were carrying through the trail. Students crawled through the maze of tunnels carrying their packs while 8th grade volunteers simulated the American pilots in “Operation Rolling Thunder” bombing campaign. The “bombs” used were Starburst candies. If a 6th grader was struck by a “bomb” they had to lay down in the tunnel. As an extension of the activity, students will be writing a paper about what they think life would have been like for the Viet Cong in the Ho Chi Minh Trail. They will also be interviewing two members of their family, teachers, or family friends who lived during the Vietnam War Era.

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