Parents’ Association

All parents of Keith Country Day School students are members of the Keith Parents’ Association (KPA). The KPA exists to promote friendly relationships among parents, to acquaint them with the spirit of Keith, and to obtain their cooperation with its objectives for the development of their children. Its primary goal is to initiate parents’ involvement in, and support for, projects and functions which aid the school academically, socially and financially.

The KPA also serves the important function of communicating ideas, concerns and support to the administration and faculty. The KPA meets once monthly to discuss the Associations’ fundraising activities as well as extra-curricular events planned and coordinated by its officers and members.

At each KPA meeting, administrative staff are present for parents to ask questions regarding any aspect of school operations. The officers of the KPA stay in consistent contact with the administration and with the parents.

The Mission of the KPA is as follows:

  • To help the school communicate with parents.
  • To help schedule, promote and host student and parent activities.
  • To welcome new parents into the Association and to instill in the new parents the need for their continued involvement in and support of the school.
  • To promote school pride within the parent community and among the student body.
  • To assist the school in promoting its reputation in the Rockford community.

KPA Grants
Monetary grants are made each year to teachers and school staff members for numerous curricular and extra-curricular activities, and the KPA contributes significantly to the sports, music and drama departments for lower, middle and upper Schools.

2014-15 KPA Meeting Schedule – Tati’s Room in the Rhea Building



Date Time
September 9 KPA September 9 Minutes
October 14 KPA October 14 Minutes
November 11 KPA November 11 Minutes
December 9 KPA December 9 Minutes
January 13 KPA January 13 Minutes
February 10 KPA February 10 Minutes
March 10 KPA March 10 Minutes
April 14 8:15 a.m.‎
May 12 8:15 a.m.


Jennifer Wehrstein

Laura Bosi

Michelle Sinclair

Jean Yoon