5th Grade

Welcome to Fifth Grade!

Fifth grade is an exciting time when students continue to grow socially and academically. They become more independent as they prepare to move forward to middle school. Some of the exciting events we look forward to in fifth-grade: Camp Timberlee outdoor educational trip; the annual play; Peace Day; Civil War Days; Kite Day; a mock trial; and various speakers.

Goals for each subject area are listed below:

Language Arts: 

We begin the year with a study of realistic fiction through group activities, guided reading, and literature circles. We also write a personal narrative. As the year progresses, we study themes, author’s purpose, influence of character and setting on plot, making connections, main idea and details, summarizing, visualizing, and drawing conclusions from text. We also study and analyze non-fiction. Our writing curriculum includes literature letters, memoirs, research papers, comparative essays, and poetry.


Our Envision Math program integrates technology and manipulatives into the Math program. Our year begins with number theory and multiplying/dividing whole numbers and decimals. We continue throughout the year with the order of expressions and simplifying expression, probability and statistics, fractions (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing), geometric shapes, solids and volume, measurement, analyzing and recording data, and graphing.

Social Studies: 

The fifth-grade focus is United States History from the early discoveries through the Civil War. We start the year with an introduction into Early North American Civilizations and a review of Native Americans. We then study the colonial period, the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. We use a variety of hands on learning through technology, collaboration and field trips.


During fight grade we introduce and utilize many forms of technology including Power Point, Prezi, Glogster, Kahoot and Google Drive tools.

My goal is to help each student work to his or her potential and beyond.


Renee Lozdoski

Fifth Grade
B.S. in Elementary Education from Rockford College

Mrs. Lozdoski joined the Keith faculty as the Grade 5 teacher in 2013. She has teaching endorsements in elementary education, language arts, and business education. She is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction in Reading through Concordia University, Portland. She has previously taught at a Rockford-area charter school and has extensive experience designing instructional programs that are personalized to the learning styles of her students. She has served as a dance instructor, volunteered with the Girl Scouts, and has been an enrichment tutor. She enjoys reading,  traveling, and family time.

Email: renee.lozdoski@keithschool.net

5th Grade 6 Day Schedule