2011-12 Annual Report

Dear Keith Country Day School Supporters,

Since the opening of this school year, we have carefully listened to the stories of students, faculty and staff, alumni, and friends. Consistently, we have heard conversations that described experiences with great teachers, rigorous courses, cherished traditions, and remarkable families. The daily instruction found at Keith Country Day School has engaged and empowered students to believe they influence life in our global community.

This year, we decided to place our Annual Report content on keithschool.com. We think you will agree when you click on
any of the links below, the successes of our students are evident through college matriculation as well as academic, athletic, and fine arts accomplishments.

Like many independent schools, Keith Country Day’s tuition revenues cover approximately 75% of the annual operating expenses, which means the other 25% of the 2011-12 budget came from fundraising initiatives. Fortunately, parents, grandparents, alumni, friends of the school and the community all played a major part in helping us bridge the funding gap so we could continue to provide superior learning experiences for all of our students. Additionally, 2011-12 charitable giving contributions allowed for approximately 55% of our students to receive various levels of assistance for tuition and fees.

On behalf of the entire Keith community, we would like to thank everyone who contributed to our fundraising programs in 2011-12. The future of Keith Country Day School is as promising as ever and we want to assure you that the administration, staff and the Board of Trustees are all committed to making sure we have premier programs for the next 100 years.

Thank you for your support.


Dr. Debra Dimke, Head of School
Dr. Ron Lee, Head of Middle and Upper School

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