College Counseling

The Student Development Office is about helping students understand their personal and intellectual strengths, their passions and aspirations, and their unique identity. College preparation is the main emphasis of the department and it begins in the middle school program, and continues through the high school years.


University and College Admissions Offices

We invite Admissions representatives to visit the Keith campus throughout the school year. To schedule a visit, please contact our Director of Student Services, Lindsey Duerr.  Mrs. Duerr can be reached at:




Freshmen students create and follow a rigorous four-year plan of study which will include challenging courses and activities. Volunteerservice hours and participation in student organizations are emphasized. Students learn to set goals, make decisions and develop their leadership skills.  Career exploration and possible college majors are introduced to students and college campus tours begin!

Sophomore students continue taking challenging courses and participating in student organizations and community service.  College test preparation begins and the PSAT/NMSQT is taken. Students receive general information about the college application process through notices of college fairs, admission representative visits, and scholarships. Students are encouraged to take on leadership roles in student organizations and participate in personal interest organizations outside of school.

Junior students enroll second semester in the College Preparation Course.  They learn about SAT and ACT exams, the components of an admission application, how to visit a college, how to conduct a college search and to evaluate their interests, strengths, and academic and career aspirations. Juniors take a field trip to tour a college campus each spring semester. By the end of the semester, each student will have enough information to generate a list of potential colleges.

Senior students continue the College Preparation Course which emphasizes the college application process. Students refine their college lists, seek recommendations, write essays, complete testing, develop activity resumes, and meet application deadlines. Students become familiar with the federal financial aid process and learn about college scholarship searches. The process of selecting the college of matriculation and the transition from high school to college is the focus at the end of the semester.

For more information about our college counseling program, contact Mrs. Lindsey Duerr.

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