In order to prepare children for lives of meaning and purpose in the 21st-century global economy, the Keith Country Day School technology department, classroom teachers, and specialists are committed to the following objectives when using technology in the classroom:

  • Students will display creativity and innovation.
  • Students will communicate and collaborate (digitally and in person) to meet assignment goals.
  • Students will fluently research and gather information.
  • Students will display critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making.
  • Students will practice proper digital citizenship.
  • Students will use their understanding of technology operations and concepts to meet classroom goals.

In order to meet these objectives (as established by the International Society for Technology in Education), the technology department designs units and lessons focusing on hands-on, open-ended projects that allow for creativity and individual expression. Lower school students come to the computer lab for lessons every other day, and every classroom has its own SMART Board and desktop computers that are used daily for supplementing lessons and individual work.

For more information about Keith’s lower school technology curriculum, please visit the Lower School curriculum webpage.