Foreign Language

Students who are well prepared for the global economy of tomorrow must have a solid grounding in the traditional disciplines, be able to work in diverse groups, communicate in more than one language, and appreciate the diversity of world cultures. Keith’s middle school offers an inspiring foreign language curriculum that includes Latin, and Spanish. In fact, Keith is one of only two schools in the area that offer Latin. For many middle school students, the foreign language curriculum begins in sixth grade with Introduction to Latin. In fact, most middle school students take two foreign languages. Keith’s high school graduation requirement is to study one language for a minimum of four years, but students can take one modern language and Latin for all six years if they choose. Middle school course offerings include:

Introduction to Latin
This introductory course enables sixth-grade students to learn about ancient Roman family life and culture, mythology, Latin-based etymologies in English, and some basic Latin vocabulary and grammar. Students translate from Latin into English many stories about a typical Roman family’s meals, entertainment, education, city and travel.

Latin I-A
Latin I-A is designed for those seventh graders who have high achievement in English and who have shown good potential for learning a foreign language. The course work is the equivalent of one semester of high-school Latin I and carries the same credit value. The course is an introduction to the fundamentals of Latin grammar and the workings of the language. Study of Greek and Roman mythology is an integral part of the course, as are selected topics of Roman history and civilization.

Latin I-B
Latin I-B continues the study of basic grammar and vocabulary begun in Latin I-A. After a thorough review of material covered in seventh grade, this course concentrates on additional vocabulary, grammar, and translation. Students also study history, mythology and the legacy of Latin in English. Upon successful completion of the course, students advance to Latin II in grade 9.

Sixth Grade Spanish
The goal of sixth-grade Spanish is to familiarize students with the vocabulary and phrases necessary to express themselves in everyday situations, to understand basic conversational statements, and to ask and answer simple questions. It also introduces students to the Spanish-speaking world, its culture, customs, history, and geography.

Spanish I-A
Spanish I-A is for those seventh-grade students who have high achievement in English and a good potential for learning a foreign language. This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of the Spanish language: its vocabulary, grammar, and basic verbs. Students will also learn about the culture, customs, and geography of Spanish-speaking countries. The coursework is equivalent to one semester of high-school Spanish and carries the same credit value.

Spanish I-B
Spanish I-B is a course for eighth-grade students who have successfully completed Spanish I-A. It covers the second-semester of the high-school Spanish I. It begins with a review of concepts covered in I-A and continues with the acquisition of basic vocabulary, conversational skills, grammar, and verbs. Students continue to increase their knowledge of Spanish-speaking countries and their culture, customs, geography, and history. Students can enter Spanish II upon completion of the course with a grade of C or better.