Keith’s middle school math program and curriculum, while traditional in nature, offers students several strong college-preparatory courses which continue through high school. Although the course-work often paces at an honors level, we are able to meet the needs of a wide-range of students and provide additional resource time for students who need extra help. Keith’s mathematics department centers upon the standards set forth by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Critical thinking skills, an appreciation of the scope of mathematics, logic, reasoning and problem solving all are major components of the department. Middle school course offerings include:

Math 1
Math 1 assists students in the sixth grade to develop the necessary skills for success in subsequent math classes. Students work on basic arithmetic skills, as well as mathematical concepts including algebraic equations, basic geometry, graphing, estimating, and problem-solving strategies.

Math 2
Math 2 helps students to develop the skills necessary to prepare for a successful intensive course in pre-algebra or the first year of algebra. Topics covered include basic arithmetic functions, problem solving, estimating, rounding, graphs, statistics, algebraic equations, and geometry.

This course is designed to prepare students for their first year of high school algebra. The units of study review, but in greater depth, many of the same topics students have practiced in previous classes. Both review and new topics with an emphasis on their relation to algebra are part of this course. Integers, rational numbers, variables, number theory, and equation solving are among the topics covered.

Accelerated Algebra
This course is designed for students who have shown ability and comprehension in their previous mathematics courses and are now ready for a study of High School level work. Algebra is the foundation for all future mathematical studies and this course is a rigorous approach to the first year of Algebraic concepts.

Accelerated Geometry
This course is designed for students who have demonstrated a solid foundation in Algebra I. Deductive proof using definitions, theorems, and postulates is a focus of this course. In addition, this course bridges the gap between the physical world and the use of Algebra and Geometry.