Influenced by the National Science Education Standards, Benchmarks for Science Literacy and the National Science Teachers Association, Keith’s middle school science program is activity-based, so throughout the course of study, students do the work of scientists. Writing, experimenting, modeling, researching, discussing, practicing, teaching and collaborating are all aided by our use of a constructivist-learning model designed to challenge higher order thinking skills and introduce students to realistic methods of science. In middle school, our holistic approach allows for specific disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology, and earth science to be incorporated into all science courses and establish a seamless curriculum into the upper school. Courses offered include:

Sixth Grade Science
Major topics included in the sixth-grade year include science and technology, patterns of living things, microorganisms, matter, and chemical changes.

Seventh Grade Science
The seventh-grade course covers such units of study as interactions and diversity of living things, solutions and solvents, force and motion, structure and design, earth science, and astronomy.

Eighth Grade Science
In the eighth-grade students study life processes, machines, work and energy, oceans and climate, light, particles, and the continuity of life.