For Bridget Krysztopa, a Keith School education offered countless opportunities to become a leader. And she took advantage of those opportunities throughout her middle and high school years.  

She was her class president for three years, student activities president for two years. She was year book editor, was active in the Ambassadors Club and played both basketball and soccer. Even with that heavy schedule, she still found time to coach cheerleading and start a swim team for girls at Keith. 

Those experiences have become a real asset now that she’s in college. “Keith gave me a lot of opportunities to develop my leadership and public speaking skills,” says Bridget. “That has helped me in college classes where I’m confident and comfortable giving presentations.” 

Now a sophomore at the University of Dayton in Ohio, she is double majoring in entrepreneurship and economics. She earned enough scholarship money to pay a substantial portion of her tuition. That’s a good thing, because her next step will be law school. After that, Bridget plans to become corporate or contract law attorney 

Before starting at Keith in 7th grade, she was in public school. However, Bridget says the transition was an easy one. “Keith was very welcoming and accepting,” she says. During her time there, she was able to build strong connections with her teachers and classmates. “I’m thankful for that bond and still keep in close touch with my high school friends.” 

To current Keith School students, Bridget offers this advice: “Take advantage of the open schedule andthe accommodations that teachers will make for you if you ask,” she says. “If you’re passionate about something or have something you want to do, find a teacher who can mentor you.” She speaks from experience. In her sophomore year, she decided to start a blog and she was able to get class credit for it. 

“Keith offers a unique learning environment you won’t find in a public school or other private school setting,” Bridget says. Go Cougars!”