Zoe Nunez says she has Keith red and blue running through her veins. It’s no wonder. She started at Keith in junior kindergarten, both of her siblings went to Keith and her father is the Athletic Director there. For her, Keith is family.

She graduated from Keith Country Day School in 2018. Today, Zoe is studying marketing and environmental sciences – and playing volleyball – at the University of Notre Dame. She credits her Keith School education with not only getting into Notre Dame but also getting her a full scholarship.

“Going to Keith was a huge part of it,” she says. “Notre Dame has very high admission requirements. Coming from a school like Keith, I had a high GPA and scored well on the SATs. More than that, they knew I would be able to thrive in a tough academic and competitive sports environment.”

She credits the individualized attention she got from her teachers for those high test scores. “I loved how unique it was from other schools,” she says. “You have endless opportunities to have relationship with teachers. I could let them know if I was struggling with a particular assignment or needed extra feedback.”

Her favorite part of going to Keith was the closeness of everyone at the school. “I loved going to all the different events and knowing everyone there,” she says. “We would all go to the sports events and cheer for our friends and just have a good time supporting each other.”

Zoe’s advice to current Keith students is to make the most of all the opportunities, activities and clubs. “Try to manage your time well and prepare yourself in every possible way for college,” she says. “You’ll find yourself multitasking more than you ever thought once you get to college.”

For families considering Keith for their school of choice, Zoe says she knows some families are concerned because it has a smaller number of students enrolled. But she says that size allows for so many more opportunities educationally for students. “There are so many more positives,” she says.

Zoe is thankful for the opportunity to go to Keith and the opportunity to play and go to school at Notre Dame. But mostly, “I’m thankful for the teachers who got me where I am today,” she says.