What if you could lower your tuition next year by shopping for the holidays? What if you could lower your tuition next year by taking the family out to eat? By participating in the Scrip program, every Keith family has the opportunity to lower its 2016-17 tuition.

How does it work?
Scrip is a program where more than 100 area retailers give a percentage of your purchase to the school and the school splits that money with you in the form of a tuition credit. The average return on your purchase is five percent, but some stores give as much as 20 percent.

How can I participate?
Using is EASY. Once you are on the site, you will need to register before you can make purchase. When making purchases, make sure to use the Keith Country Day School code, 69D792584495, to ensure the school gets credit. You can also participate in the program by picking up an order form in either the lower or middle/upper school offices. Whether you use the website or the form, orders MUST BE MADE BY 10 A.M. on Mondays and available for pick up on Friday of that week. The most common way to use Scrip is by having a standing order – weekly, bi-weekly, alternate weeks, or monthly.

How do I pay for Scrip?
Participants can pay by cash, check, or direct debit from your checking account. Credit cards can also be used for most (but not all) items, but if you use a credit card, a tuition discount cannot be applied.

If you have any questions, contact Chris Doherty at (815-399-8850, ext 133).

To go to the Scrip website, click here

To download the Scrip order form, click here.