Rotating Schedule

Did you know that most schools’ schedules in the 21st century closely mirror those from schools in the early 19th century? In spite of the significant changes in the world and the vast amount of research conducted on educational best practices in the last 200 years, modern schools still rely on an outdated and, in many cases, ineffective scheduling model.

At Keith we understand that curricular boundaries prevent and discourage our students’ hunger for learning. It is for that reason that many years ago, our school established a unique, rotating schedule to better support new and existing programming and to provide more student choices for coursework.

The rotating schedule has a six-day rotation with each day marked by letters (A-F). During the six-day cycle, students can take up to 11 courses. We find that our system allows students and faculty to be at their best and to work at a pace that promotes time management skills.  Click the link below to see the daily schedule.