Learn more about Keith School’s mission and history

along with its vision to be the finest independent private, college-preparatory school in the region.


To prepare children for lives of meaning and purpose.

Keith School will fulfill its vision by:

  • Hiring, developing, and retaining an outstanding, energetic, and enthusiastic faculty and staff;
  • Admitting and retaining creative, highly motivated, and intellectually curious students;
  • Attracting families committed to the vision of the school;
  • Recruiting board members supportive of the tenets of independent schools and actively dedicated to furthering the vision of the school;
  • Developing the financial resources necessary to support the school’s needs.


The country day schools, grounded in the progressive education movement, began in the 1920s. They are well known for having longer school days and preparing students for the best colleges. They also stress the relationships that students have among themselves and with their teachers. Together they establish traditions that create and express community such as regular morning meetings, service learning, and personalized instruction.

From a global perspective, country day schools believe in responsible care of the environment as well as community service to broaden the students’ view of the world and enhance social responsibility. In addition, student government and an emphasis on democracy are central to a country day school. It is through responsibility and understanding of the democratic process that students learn to value their place in a democratic society. Arts and athletics are also important activities.

Essentially, country day schools are committed to the community, democracy, artistic and physical development, and global consciousness, as well as to the highest standards of academic excellence. Thus, the country day school strives to educate the whole child.