Explore Preschool and Grade School

At Keith, we recognize that some of the most important skills are learned in the earliest stages of a child’s education. Keith’s Lower School offers a highly personalized, differentiated, and accelerated academic program for preschool and grade school (starting at age 3) through 5th grade. You’ll find remarkable relationships between teachers and students with a high teacher-to-student ratio. Fun and learning should go hand-in-hand, so our lower school classrooms are designed to be welcoming, interactive and immersive.

In the Lower School, learning is celebrated, creativity is encouraged, self-confidence is nurtured, initiative is valued and collaboration is expected. Our model is one of “doing more” and “telling less” with a holistic focus on intellectual, ethical, social, and physical growth in every student. Students are immersed into a standards-based literacy curriculum integrated into language arts, science, mathematics, social studies, technology, visual and performing arts, and foreign languages. Activities are thoughtfully designed to provide experiences for students which are intellectually stimulating and developmentally appropriate.

A typical day might include activities throughout the campus including discovering a favorite author in the library, performing a play in the theatre, conducting experiments in the Science Center, painting in the Art Studio or designing a webpage in the technology classroom. Leadership is also a central quality we develop early, and our Lower School students frequently facilitate parent-teacher conferences, participate in team sports, and contribute to community service projects – all in preparation for living lives of meaning and purpose.

There’s so much to share about the Keith Lower School that is best seen firsthand. Schedule a visit to our school as a family. Have your child participate in our full-day shadow program. Take the opportunity to speak directly with the teachers, administrators, and families of Keith. We believe you’ll see what makes us family – and why you belong here.