At Keith Country Day School, we offer many options for international and home-schooled students who want to participate in our curriculum.

International Students

We are proud of our international student community and value a global perspective. International students can choose to attend Keith for a one-year cultural experience or become a diploma candidate for graduation. Whatever avenue is chosen, all international students will be challenged by a rigorous academic program and have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities.

Home-Schooled Students

For more than 10 years, Keith has offered a wide range of courses for home-schooled student grades 5-12. Our program provides an enrichment opportunity to help develop the student’s natural interests and abilities.

Our course offerings include:

  • Foreign language: Latin, French and Spanish
  • Science: Grade-Level Science Lab, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Science
  • Music, Art and Drama courses
  • Advanced Placement classes

Middle and upper school courses will be open on a space-available basis (max. two per semester). Testing may be required to determine a student’s eligibility and placement. Middle school students who enroll in a class may also participate on Keith’s sports teams for a small fee.

Our cost per class follows:

      • Academic Courses $1,000 per semester or $1,600 per year
      • Art, music, drama $1,100 per semester
      • Science lab or AP class $2,000 per year

For more information about enrollment, contact Chris Doherty, Administrative Assistant to our Co-Heads of School, at or 815-399-8823