Upper School
Ask any student, teacher, parent or alum to describe our upper school at Keith and you may get a different perspective from each person you ask. Although each answer may be different, common themes are likely to emerge: an embracing community, inspiring teachers, a challenging academic program, and an environment open to the exploration of ideas with a limitless array of opportunities to grow and lead. Upper school at Keith represents the final stage of a program that develops a student’s confidence and growing skills in a range of disciplines. The focus of the upper school years is a vigorous academic, artistic, philanthropic, and athletic curriculum, centered in a strong community that supports students in their self-discovery. The net result produces resourceful young men and women prepared to find their places in the world.Many prospective families want to know if our academic program is as demanding as our reputations suggests. The answer is ‘yes’. Upper school courses are taught at an honors level or above, and our teachers take great pride in motivating the students to work beyond their perceived limits. Most students would say we have high standards and we expect a lot from them, but they would also tell you Keith is not a high-pressure environment. It’s a healthy learning atmosphere.

Many schools describe themselves as “college preparatory”, but Keith Country Day School truly prepares students for college by having the most demanding graduation requirements of any school in the region, including more science, math, English, social studies, foreign language, speech, college counseling and community service. Many of our students exceed these requirements by studying multiple languages, multiple maths, and multiple science courses throughout the course of their upper school career. In addition to our small classes, we offer a wide range of Advanced Placement courses, the opportunity to join a variety of clubs and organizations and a unique, rotating schedule, which provides more variety and choice for each individual student.

While our course offerings, clubs, schedule and program are impressive, what makes our upper school special is the closeness of our community. We are a collection of teachers and students, colleagues and friends, who enjoy being together in and out of the classroom. Each year at graduation, our seniors often comment about the close relationships they have had with the faculty.

We invite you to get to know this strong community of which we are justly proud. As Atticus Finch said in To Kill a Mockingbird, you never really get to know a person “until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” I invite you to do some walking around in our upper school and learn more about why this is such a special place.

Dr. Ron Lee
Head of Middle and Upper School