Explore Keith Middle School Grades 6th-8th

Keith’s Middle School (6th – 8th grade) provides a dynamic academic environment that rewards curiosity, innovation, philanthropy, and participation. Our students enjoy Keith because they are motivated by an exciting curriculum while supported through the early adolescent stage of development, which is often confusing.

Through an innovative and collegiate-style program, rotating schedule of classes and unmatched course offerings, our middle schoolers understand their strengths and how to use them. Students will also be given opportunities to recognize their weaknesses and ways to overcome them. Our Middle School is the perfect place to go through these steps while being nurtured every step of the way.

The Keith Middle School academic program is designed to enable students to discover new interests and develop known talents through the Middle and Upper School years. With a vigorous and rich curriculum, our students solve problems, think critically, debate civilly, discuss openly, listen actively and collaborate meaningfully. Our small class size helps teachers to customize the challenge and support for each student, tailoring the experience to individual learning styles and capabilities.

Honors Level Middle School Curriculum

Taught at an honors level, our core academic classes truly define our private school, college-preparatory approach. From English to Fine Arts and from Athletics to Foreign Languages, our Keith Middle School students gain insight and grow academically beyond their peers in other private school settings. Beyond the academics, our students have endless options to participate in clubs that further their interests and skills and help them connect with others.

The Middle School years can be a challenging time for students – and families. That’s why Keith combines academic and extra-curricular experiences with a family atmosphere in which students feel supported in their education and appreciated as individuals with unique abilities, characteristics, and opportunities.

Our website will provide you with a lot of information about Keith, but it’s something best experienced firsthand. To see what makes Keith’s programs and campus unique, we encourage you to visit the campus to experience the spirit and energy of our student body, faculty, and administration.

At Keith, you are family.