Middle School
As an educator of close to 15 years, I have always believed a very important indicator of a school’s success and performance is how its students feel about coming to and being in school. Keith’s middle school provides a dynamic, academic environment that rewards curiosity, innovation, philanthropy and participation. Our students enjoy our program because in addition to challenging them through a demanding curriculum, we also understand they are in a developmental stage of early adolescence which is often confusing. Through an innovative and collegiate-style, rotating schedule of classes and an unmatched program of course requirements, we allow our middle schoolers to understand their strengths and how to use them. We also work very hard on helping the students recognize their weaknesses and how to figure out how to overcome them; our middle school is the perfect place to go through these steps while being supported every step of the way.

Taught at an honors level, our core academic classes truly define college-preparatory.

Our English curriculum emphasizes reading comprehension and writing instruction to help students effectively develop, express, and defend their ideas. During the summer, students participate in a summer reading program in conjunction with the history department to enhance critical reading skills.

Our middle school students are also required to take two fine arts courses per year. Students learn to create art in an art studio, express themselves on stage in a small theater setting, and foster a love for choral and instrumental music through a wide range of course options.

The foreign language department at Keith is like no other in the region. The department works to expand the students’ knowledge and views of other cultures while developing an appreciation for the richness of other languages. All Keith sixth grade students are required to take Introduction to Latin and most students continue with it for two or more years. In fact, more than 60% of the middle school takes two foreign languages simultaneously.

History classes play a vital role in a Keith education because this is where students engage most directly in thinking about what it means to be good citizens, not only of American democracy but of the larger world as well. The middle school social studies curriculum encourages students to examine the human story, to see the interconnectedness of societies, and to appreciate the multi-faceted human world, past and present.

In mathematics, our curriculum is centered on the standards set forth by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. These standards involve viewing mathematics as a problem solving process, a form of communication, and a tool to develop reasoning skills. Each class is designed to develop sharp analytical reasoning skills and to help our students make the successful transition from one level to the next.

The science department uses differentiated learning methods but most of the curriculum is shaped by the National Science Education Standards, Benchmarks for Science Literacy, (released by the American Association for the Advancement of Science Project 2061), and the recent position statement issued by the National Science Teachers Association. The program also works very hard to use the latest technology such as Vernier Learning Sensors to complement our laptop program and tablet computers for faculty to enhance instruction.

Our middle school program also includes a strong physical education and sports program, technology instruction, and a wide range of clubs and other after-school activities, all of which play an important part in the fulfillment of our mission: to prepare children for lives of meaning and purpose.

Our website will provide you a lot of information about Keith, but to gain a fuller appreciation of what is unique about our program, I urge you to visit the campus to experience first-hand the spirit and energy of our student body, faculty, and administration.

Dr. Ron Lee
Head of Middle and Upper School