Explore our staff directory to learn more about our exceptional faculty. The Keith faculty is recruited nationally, identifying professionals with advanced training, experiences and passion for student success. More than 65 percent of our entire faculty and 82 percent of Middle and Upper School teachers hold advanced degrees in their respective fields. They are accomplished educators with a commitment to serving as role models for young people. Our faculty uses a broad repertoire of teaching techniques and technologies, enhancing students’ skills by integrating these approaches throughout the curriculum. Dedicated to their own life-long learning and continued professional growth, they enthusiastically participate in ongoing development.

Perhaps most importantly, Keith faculty form relationships with their students and families, and encourage regular communication. Our teachers are available to students and parents before, during and after school. Celebration phone calls and emails, correspondence over weekends and direct access to a students’ daily progress through a web-based application are just a few of the many ways we maintain strong teacher-student-parent relationships.

Jennifer Ackerman

Kitchen Lead

Renee Allen

Middle School Language Arts

Jenna Baer

Lower School PE Teacher

Kristin Burns

History Department Chair
Middle School Social Studies
Upper School Language and Composition

David Bye

Science Department Chair
Middle and Upper School Science Teacher

Molly Carter

Middle and Upper School Visual Art

Alison Cunningham

Upper School Biology

Chris Doherty

Middle and Upper School Administrative Assistant

Liberty Enochs

Jr-Kinder Aide

Cory Godin

MS Math and Physics

Kelly Golich

Jr. Kindergarten Teacher

Shannon Gustafson

Director of Finance

Keith Hatfield

Math Department Chair

Leslie (Les) Haygood

English Department Chair
Middle and Upper School French & Upper School English

Anthony Howard

Spanish Teacher 

Ashley Karenke

1st Grade Teacher

Patty Kaufman

LS/MS/US Learning Resource

Dr. Ron Lee

Upper School A.P. History

Alex LeFebvre

Director of Technology

Dr. Sherrilyn Martin

Middle and Upper School Latin and Ancient Greek
Foreign Language Department Chair

Marissa Meyer

Lower School Performing Arts and Music

Mary Miller

Pre K Aide

Robert Nunez

Athletic Director
Physical Education

Lynne Olson

Middle School & Upper School Instrumental Music Teacher

Erin Philpott

Middle School and Upper School Drama and Theatre

Denise Redwinski

3rd/4th Grade Teacher 

Alex Renko

LS Support Services

Heidi Ritter

2nd Grade Teacher

James (Jim) Schoepski

Upper School Social Studies

Susie Silva

School Assistant

Linda Smith

Fine Arts Department Chair
Choral Director in Middle and Upper School

Annabelle Stefanic

Kindergarten Teacher

Robert Sunday

Lower School Art
Upper School Ceramics and Murals

Julie Swift

Lower School Administrative Assistant

Aliceya Tartaglia

Upper School Chemistry Teacher

Ashleigh Van Thiel

Director of Enrollment

Stephanie Youngren

Elementary Assistant Teacher
Office Assistant