The Policy

Keith Country Day School has a zero-tolerance policy on bullying/cyberbullying, harassment, sexual harassment, hazing and/or any behavior that would promote violence toward a student or other person connected with the school.

Specific details around our policies can be found in the Keith School Codes of Conduct, set forth in the Parent and Student Handbook.

In addition to the policies set forth in the handbook, Keith Country Day School firmly prohibits any employee, agent, or student from engaging in any behavior that would promote violence at school or towards a student or other person.

If a student observes a Keith Country Day School employee, agent, or student committing any of the prohibited behaviors, they are encouraged to report such claims or incidences to the Co-Heads of School. Such report should be timely submitted, by phone, email, or in person:

Mrs. Charo Chaney, Co-Head of School & Director of Middle and Upper School
Phone: 815-399-8850

Mrs. Annie Baddoo, Co-Head of School & Director of Lower School
Phone: 815-399-8850

Students who make good faith complaints will not be disciplined.

A student may choose to report via anonymous reporting by sending an electronic message to Speak Up! Although an anonymous tip may lead to investigation of the alleged incident – and appropriate action will be taken, if necessary, KCDS administration will not take formal disciplinary action against any individual based solely on information received in an anonymous tip. Therefore, complaints will be kept confidential to the extent possible given the need to investigate.

Report Bullying

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this information to help ensure our school remains a safe place for students, faculty, and staff. We will review each and every incident thoroughly and appreciate you sharing your concerns with us.

Please fill out the form below with the details of the situation with as much insight as possible. Please included individuals names who were involved, timing/date(s) of the incident(s).

Additionally, while this form is anonymous, if you’d like to share your name, we will keep it confidential. This form is only forwarded to the Heads of School for review and next steps.